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buy Kinah (13 ноября 2009 16:13)

mmmmmh I can not even ghosts from this plague, and it certainly sucks, because you can not read what others write, especially since these spams are quite long.

On the other hand, this type of advertising is only possible or even profitable, if it is approved by the people, I mean that there are extremely many gamers who accept these offers.
AION is on course for success, which will see the traders here and also make sure fingers crossed, but why is being done from the side of the game operator so little for it??

There once was an interesting report on TV, which was clearly stated that this Levelfimen really make money, can be harnessed to many million EURO aion Kinah or not) other game currencies, it could not be nachgewisen the game operators, but there are companies whose origin clearly in this direction was .........., who does not earn there.

Clearly, the gaming operator, with uplifted finger wag and say that this is bad, but really you will not want to enforce the ban, especially since you make money from it even real money. "

Preferably, China and Japan, offer much Kinah Aion for little money, but one should be aware that these are mostly children, at work and übelst poor pay and working conditions.

In substance, I'm divided on whether we should now Kinah buy or not, but it also seems to be no matter the game operators, especially as it indeed well on its own page advertising such a level of service and Kinahverkauf officially allows, and then earned the clicks on this page.

Let's be honest, whether one actually plays better when he has more Equip or not, I know for me, but why or why not I been playing well, and on the other hand, this is our time to prevent the tooth and one can not really

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