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Runescape gold (17 ноября 2009 16:15)

Lover, was originally a very beautiful words, runescape gold but with social development so far, and Valentine has gradually lost its original meaning.

Was followed by the network, also sent birth "Yulgang Lover" This is a modern vocabulary. Yulgang lover, the network definition is met and become good friends, and then, there has been unable to shake off the worries and in each other's within the heart,

Is beyond the scope of a friend and confidant.runescape accounts It gives us a lot of joy, indeed, perhaps we should have enjoyed a long absence, touching it to complement the emotional emptiness of reality, so insipid life passion.

Yulgang lover is no need to say right or wrong, because everyone has the opportunity and potential. Just like how to treat and how to affect life Buzhi Yu too, and will not deal with every day carrying a guilty mind their own homes, and will not let regret and grief in the network where germination.

Yulgang lover, from the network, runescape power leveling there might be conditions and environment is the network. Once leaving the network, like green leaves and flowers from the sun. Low probability of survival. Do not pull into the reality of Yulgang lover.

Net sea-fog, suddenly encounter, let fate sublimation. Each other's tell each other's concerns, each other's pain and trouble, and cried with a smile speak of happiness has become the network wait. Waiting for the other became the sole.

So always want to feel each other's shadow,buy runescape gold the total distance vision in the absence of the other's good feelings from the inside. Do not see the other side considered to be the biggest shortcoming of this life. So desperate, and put aside the secular, put aside the shackles of reality, to find themselves a thousand reasons to see each other.

So he saw. That's when the three kinds of results.

One is likely to regret the sudden hit, the network has been swept a beautiful space. It turned out he was so ah, so a short meet the beginning of the establishment of another stranger.

The other is some regret, would the accumulation of long-standing passion suddenly compromised. Then dinner, chat with the original network where she is (she) is also the case only on when a friend, that person is not bad.

In one case that is suddenly discovered the extent and beauty of each other's outstanding level of better than expected.

So the accumulation of multi-day passion rapid warming at this time, so that there will be a story of passion, but passion after years of flat and found nothing more than the original network where he (she) only that's it.

So they suspect that their pay is not too much before the person is not worthy. Feel have already done as it has been unable to develop a greater beauty and passion?

So lost, and even remorse. Right at home with their own guilt, with has always been very proud of modesty. To get that all? Then suddenly found that all the good news is the other side are those suspected of compromising. . . . . . .

In real life, we have a lot of the opposite sex around, we even disdain.buy runescape accounts Because we are accustomed to their own aesthetic point of view, no one in line with our.

We are also accustomed to doing things their own principles, others do not want to invest. But the network, we are each other's language and emotions from the beginning of the world, a different feeling arises spontaneously.

We are fed up with the reality of the cunning and dikes, tired of reality and inner emotions camouflage closed. When you encounter one and you have a soul who collision, your emotional world is easy to heat up dramatically.

In fact, most of the network of language games, and even the written language game. Good capable people, not necessarily in the network effortless.

A word-rich, imaginative, emotional is not shortage of people, even if the reality of a mess, but also be able to own all of the outstanding part of the chic on the network.

Reality, rendered in our eyes are not only an oral language, as well as body language. Better image of the background. More importantly, we learned each other's thinking and behavior is a complete unity.

Then drop on the resulting health, even if did not, slowly you will find that the original actually so many other shortcomings.

Wife and husband share of the family have deep ties of affection, there can be nothing more than two people to maintain each other's charm and good and beautiful, if the loss, then the regret and pain will be followed.

So, please do not put your drawing into the reality of Yulgang lover. The network is still OK with, you can go to look forward to, you can enjoy the picturesque brilliant feeling.

In a virtual world, so that our hearts have a better release. Let us have the emotional space in the buds grow.

Bu Zhiyu this shell at home on her own guilt, nor does the increase in more trouble and grief. It was so worried about each other, one day a happy day, one year being a year, pull into the reality of the time, that is, began to regret and remorse, and even a prelude to the end.

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